Our individual concept - your competitive edge

Our goal: to supply you with precisely the plant you have in mind and the services that you really need. The plant that manufactures your product with maximum efficiency and environmental acceptability, with the infrastructure to meet your needs and specifications. Tailored for you. Without compromise!

Our philosophy: you should get the best possible plant to meet your needs. That is why we are constantly developing individual solutions for your project. This applies to the core technological processes just as much as to the engineering of machines, auxiliary equipment, office areas, warehouse facilities, infrastructural measures and much more. Moreover our internationally deployed construction planners, project managers and construction managers guarantee comprehensive project realization from one source. Always meeting stipulations for high availability, plant safety, economic efficiency and reliability.



The flexibility of our kiln constructions and our dryer ventilation systems allows high-tech-solutions that are customized to your particular needs.

High-Performance Dryers

High-Performance Kilns