Professional for all products and temperature ranges

No matter what product you manufacture, be it masonry bricks, clay roofing tiles, clinkers, refractories or speciality ceramics, we provide you with convincing concepts boasting unsurpassable flexibility.

We use our long experience from miscellaneous areas of kiln construction: we design your kiln with 60 years of expertise.

Our experts are just as proficient when working with standard processes to 1 300°C in the heavy clay ceramics industry as with high-temperature processes to 1 800°C and higher – special technologies demanded by the refractories and whitewares industries. Our wealth of experience from the widely different areas of kiln and furnace engineering is channelled into each of our systems, to your advantage.


Process analysis

Our engineers are the ideal consultants for all process-relevant aspects of the manufacture of ceramic products. For every plant, competent and independent of the original supplier.

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