High-Tech-Processes for kilns and dryers

Poor production quality is often the result of suboptimal conducted processes. We modify drying and firing processes to increase your production quality and to increase the economy of your plant.

We analyze actual, process-related product defects. The results of our analyses are implemented from practiced process-engineers. Directly at your plant they modify your processes target-oriented. The broad range of knowledge of our engineers to the processes of all manufacturers helps us to design and realize high-tech-processes for every plant.

Whatever you need, dryer or kiln commissioning, an optimization of your processes in service or the optimization of your energy consumption: we provide you with comprehensive solutions for modification of plants from all suppliers.


The flexibility of our kiln constructions and our dryer ventilation systems allows high-tech-solutions that are customized to your particular needs.

High-Performance Dryers

High-Performance Kilns